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***Online library of classic ads***

One of the few ways to master copywriting is to study great ads. You can start by viewing this online library of old ads, many of which are classics:

Source: Thanks to Peter DeCaro of for putting me on to this site!



***Create Your Own Blog Quickly and Easily***




John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing recently released a great new e-book on blogging, "Blog Lightning: How To Create and Promote Your Small Business Blog In A Flash."


The book features precise action steps and screenshot demonstrations designed to help any small business marketer, independent professional, or solopreneur create, promote, and use a blog to build a small business, consultancy, or practice.


For more information, click below now:



***Everything You Need to Know About Blogging But Were Afraid to Ask***




Not sure what blogging means to you or your business? Cut your learning curve in half with my friend Debbie Weil's new Business Blogging Starter Kit.


In a nutshell, a blog is an instant publishing tool. Deb's guide gives you a complete introduction to blogging, case studies of business blogs, 7 tips for writing a blog, software recommendations, and ways to promote your blog as well as include advertising.


"Marketing-speak is dead!" says Deb. "A blog is a way to engage your customers by speaking to them in an authentic voice. And a frequently updated blog will draw more search engine traffic to your site."

Learn more and order the PDF or printed version at:


Book Publishing

 ***Publishing Giant Reveals the Secrets of How to Write a Best-Seller***




The president of one of the nation's largest publishing houses recently spent two days answering every question potential authors want to learn.


·         What does it take to create a best-selling book?

·         How do publishers really decide what books to publish?

·         How do you land a literary agent?

A must-have guide for every serious writer -- never-before told information on 10 CDs. I've published five dozen books, and even I learned some new tricks!


For details, click below:


Business Success

***Sy Sperling's Secrets to Outrageous Business Success***

Do you remember the commercials from The Hair Club For Men? It's a company that does hair replacement for men.

The founder of the business, Sy Sperling, did the commercials. In them he said: "I'm not just the owner, I'm also a client." Great commercials and great marketing that helped Sy build an enormously successful business.

Sy and Tim Paulson have just released an audio tape set entitled "How To Succeed In Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams." I have known both of these men for many years, and give their program my highest recommendation.

These tapes track the way Sy started, built, and eventually sold the business for millions of dollars. They're full of very specific marketing advice, strategies, anecdotes, and philosophy.

For more information and to order the tapes, click below now:



***Kick Your Copywriting Business into Hyper-drive***

Clayton Makepeace is the highest-paid freelance copywriter in the world ... earning more than a million dollars a year.

On September 14, I will interview Clayton during a one-time-only special teleseminar, "Kick Your Copywriting Business into Hyper-Drive" ...

During which I guarantee Clayton will reveal his top secrets that can help you earn tens of thousands of extra dollars a year as a freelance copywriter.


·         2 ways to find a first client even when you don't have a portfolio.

·         How two top copywriters got started - by paying themselves to create a great portfolio.

·         5 keys to turning a conversation with a prospect into a lucrative assignment.

·         7 ways to make an offer big mailers can't refuse.

·         The #1 blunder new copywriters make - and how to avoid it.

And much more!

Plus, we'll set aside time to answer your specific questions about building your copywriting business.

And, you get two valuable guides: "7 Qualities of a Great Client" and "How to Get PAID to Build a Power-Packed Portfolio" -- FREE!

For more information or to register, click below now:


Email Marketing

***How to Have the Body, Health, & Life You Always Wanted***

Nearly two out of three Americans are overweight or obese, while spending 40 billion annually on weight loss products. Why don't diets, drugs, prepackaged foods, herbs [or even liposuction] work permanently?

It's simple: Products prevent you from learning the necessary skills. You must learn to lose weight. Once you learn, it's like riding a bike. You never forget. Additionally, learning this does so much more than make you healthier, it transforms the mind and future as well. A ground breaking new e-manual teaches anyone to lose weight safely, naturally, and permanently. Get started on your new life today.



 ***Write and Publish an E-zine Like This One***

Online marketing offers you - the small business owner - an outstanding opportunity to build and enhance your relationship to your customers and prospects. Online marketing is cheap and it gets results. If you are not using email and the Internet to market to your customers, you need to start right now!

The new 150 page eBook 'Email Newsletters 101' - written by - shows how any small business can and should start sending a regular email newsletter. Get the inside tips, tricks and know-how about email newsletters. The eBook will guide you so you get it right the first time. Watch your business and sales start growing!  A $29.95 value -- FREE to our readers. Download your FREE e-book here:


Franchise Opportunities

 ***Quick and Easy Way to Own Your Own Business***

Want to start your own business? Buy a franchise. The success rate for franchises is much higher than for non-franchise businesses. You get to be your own boss, but you buy into a proven success formula of an already-successful business.

Victor Patterson's First Franchise USA can match you with franchise opportunities that fit your budget and preferences. And their service is FREE! For more information, click below:



***The Secret to Writing Successful Fundraising Letters*** ...

 ... is revealed in a new home-study course from the folks at AWAI, "Secrets of Writing for the Fundraising Market."

The program includes:

·         The first rule to producing great fundraising copy.

·         The ABC's of structuring letters that motivate people to give.

·         How to create a Donation Form that makes giving easy.

·         Front and back-end premiums that work best for raising money.

You get all this in a humongous three-ring binder ... more than half a dozen CDs ... bonus reports. There's even a spec assignment for a real nonprofit!

This is one of the best fundraising copywriting programs I've ever read! For more information, click below now:


Health Care Copywriting

***Secrets of Writing for the Health Care Market Revealed at Last***

Writing copy for the high-paying healthcare market just got easier, because copywriter Kelly Robbins has put together a toolkit to help copywriters understand the unique writing needs of the healthcare industry.

The Healthcare Copywriters Toolkit walks you through the copywriting process from the minute you get the assignment to the second you hand the copy to the client. The toolkit tells you how to save time doing research, specific questions you should ask every doctor when interviewing, and ways to make sure your copy gets approved easily and effortlessly.

For more information, click below now:


Information Marketing

***Selling your content for fun and profit***

Do you hanker to get into the "information marketing" business online - to package and sell content?

If so, I recommend "101 Ways to Turn Content Into Money" by Marcia Yudkin, an experienced book author and copywriter turned Internet entrepreneur.

Marcia is a true expert and great teacher in the information marketing field. In this report, she reveals multiple ways to package and market your content as reports ... speeches ... seminars ... books ... e-books ... CDs ... DVDs ... coaching ... newsletters ... and many other formats, some of which you probably never thought of before.

For more information and to order, click here now:


Internet Marketing

***Get Your Internet Marketing Off to a Quick Start***

If you're tired of online marketing e-books and programs that promise the moon, but deliver very little actual value, here's something truly different.

My friend, marketing expert Bob Serling, has created a new program called "Online Profits at the Speed of Light." It's packed with powerful, proven, easy to use techniques that really work to successfully market online.

I've contributed a chapter along with a stellar roster of 32 online marketing experts. This is a great way to jump start the effectiveness and profitability of all your online marketing. Get all the details on this program by clicking here:


Mail Order

 ***Find New Products for Your Mail Order Business Online***

The National Mail Order Association (NMOA) maintains an online database of products suitable for catalogers and other direct merchants:

NMOA also has a "new product alert" service you can sign up for to receive notification of available new products via e-mail at no charge:



***How to Write a Million-Dollar USP***

How to dramatically differentiate your business and services from competitors is one of the factors necessary for business success. The surest way to differentiate yourself is to create a compelling USP, or unique selling proposition, that promises big, bold benefits to the customer that no one else offers and which no prospect can resist.

In "How to Write a Million Dollar USP," you'll master 10 techniques and 50 differentiation factors that will produce a killer USP for your firm or product in less than 95 minutes. Discover everything you need to know about niche marketing strategies and USP creation and promotion from this comprehensive manual. For more information, click below:


***Boost Business. Accelerate Profits!***

Discover Powerful 'Insider Secrets' To Increasing Traffic, Sales, Leads and Visibility When Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Just Aren't Enough ...

Whether you're a marketing professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner one thing is for certain: your products won't sell if no one can find your website!

Using no cost online marketing tactics, like search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing are all good, but they'll only get you so far. And they won't create you the voluminous traffic needed to really see substantial results, fast.

Plain and simple: When you really want to increase your Web exposure ... and sales ... you need to cast a broader net using targeted online advertising.

But the question is: How do you leverage this powerful platform without spending a fortune? The answer is learning the 'insider secrets' to buying online ads for less.

Discover the top tricks to buying high performing, low cost banner ads, text ads, blog ads, email list rentals, and newsletter sponsorships as well as the "must knows" for successful affiliate marketing, joint ventures and publishing ad swaps!

Click here NOW for details!



***Podcasting news***

According to a recent article e-mailed to me by my friend Mark Amtower, the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary have selected "podcast" as the Word of the Year for 2005.

Defined as "a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player," the word will be added to the next online updateto the dictionary in early 2006.

"Podcast was considered for inclusion last year, but we found that not enough people were using it, or were even familiar with the concept," said Erin McKean, the dictionary's editor-in-chief.

"This year it's a completely different story. The word has finally caught up with the rest of the iPod phenomenon."

My friend, copywriter Joan Damico, has just published a new white paper on podcasting for beginners like me: "Postcasting Demystified."

To download it at no charge, click below now:



***Are You Charging the Right Price for Your Product?***

Are you getting the highest price possible? Are you sure?

Now there's a checklist you can used called "46 Ways to Raise Prices - Without Losing Sales" by Marlene Jensen.

Often what works in pricing is counterintuitive: not at all what logic, experience, and common sense would dictate - which is why you really need these pricing guidelines based on tested results.

In one instance, raising the subscription price of a newsletter by 35% actually increased unit sales.

In another example, sales of a book dramatically increased sales when the price was raised ... and it was bundled with a frying pan!

For more information and to order, click below now:


Project Management

***Recommended vendor of the month***

The great Kate Spector, who was my client at Weka Publishing, and also handled direct marketing for Book of the Month Club and Columbia House Video Library, has now gone into business as a freelancer.

You can hire Kate to manage your entire direct mail project from start to finish - from strategic planning and budgeting, to list plans and creative, to production and mailing.

You can call Kate at 203-968-9655 or e-mail . I'd make my inquiries now, as I believe her schedule will fill up fast.


Public Relations

***New E-book Shows 7 Ways to Get Free PR***

Sam Santiago, a student of online marketing guru Fred Gleeck, has written a nifty little e-book packed with more than half a dozen practical techniques for getting tons of PR.

The title: "Get Maximum Exposure With Minimum Expense and Effort: Discover the 7 Little Known And Jealously Guarded Secrets To Getting Free Online and Offline Advertising Immediately!"

You can download your copy today for only $39.99. Just click below now:


Radio Publicity

***Recommended Vendor of the Month***

Hot Guest specializes in arranging for clients to be interviewed as guests on radio shows including FM, AM, and Internet.

Being interviewed on radio shows can help establish your reputation as an expert in your field, promote your book, get you speaking engagements, generate leads, and even sell your products or services. The cost? As little as $83 per show!

For more information, contact Laurel Howanitz at Hot Guest, phone 702-839-9250, e-mail Or visit:


Referral Marketing

           ***Want More Referrals?***

Have you been wishing for more referral business but aren't seeing any results? Or do you get an occasional great referral and wonder how you might be able to generate a flood of new business using an automatic referral marketing system?

Either way, I think you should take a good hard look at a new program called "Referral Flood - How to generate a flood of new business without spending one dime on advertising."

In this program, my colleague, small business marketing specialist John Jantsch, reveals the insider's shortcut to using referral marketing to grow your business like never before. The program features over four hours of audio training and 54 real-world referral marketing examples and systems.

For more information on how you can start a Referral Flood:


Seminars and Boot Camps

***Meet me in Chicago in April - and master Google AdWords - at Perry Marshall's Seminar***

If you were disappointed that I cancelled my February Copywriting Boot Camp in Las Vegas, you can still meet me in Chicago in April at Perry Marshall's "World's First Google AdWords and Sales Conversion Seminar" ... where I will be attending as a student, not a speaker (though if you want to ask my advice during lunch or breakfast, I'll be glad to share what I know).

Listen: the two keys to making money selling information products (or anything else) online are (1) driving traffic and (2) conversion.

Perry Marshall is the undisputed master of Google AdWords - and the pay-per-click advertising secrets you'll learn from him can get you the traffic you've been sorely missing.

And both Perry and his guest speakers will show you how to take all that traffic and maximize conversion of unique visits to sales. They'll also show you how to make a ton of sales through affiliate marketing.

Bottom line: Perry's students are making more money with their Internet marketing businesses than any other group I know ... and after attending his seminar, you could be, too.

For more information and to register, click below now:



***Don't get hung up on keyword density when writing Web copy***

Keyword density refers to the number of keywords per Web page. But is it important?

If your keyword is "tennis," and the word "tennis" is repeated 15 times in the text of a 300-word Web page, your keyword density is 5%.

"Basically, I never worry about keyword density," says Heather Lloyd Martin, a specialist in search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting.

She explains: "Back in the old days, many SEO experts used keyword density, because having a specific density did seem to help influence search engine rankings."

But as I've said, SEO is a moving target. And now, says Heather, search engines have learned how to avoid being manipulated by keyword density.

"I don't see a specific density percentage having any influence," she notes.

What is important is optimizing for 2 to 3 key phrases per page - including those key phrases where they naturally flow within the copy.

"That usually means that every keyword is included three times, but never so much as to be overly repetitive within the copy," says Heather.

For more information about SEO copywriting best practices, visit Heather's Web site:


Small Business Marketing

***125 Low-cost/No-cost Ways to Promote Your Business***

If you're tired of spending time and money on "black hole" marketing, you'll love Practical Tips to Promote Your Business, a new report by Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing Mentor. In this jam-packed, 29-page report, you'll learn the 125 most effective, least costly, and easiest ways to attract more customers, more sales, and more profits to your business. 

And if you mention my name, you'll also get a free bonus report, "How and Where to Get Your Articles Published Online," including a list of 50 links to sites that are waiting for your content.

Find out more here:



***Free report from ‘The Webinar Professor,' Bob Hanson***

Marketers are jumping on the Web seminar bandwagon. Webinars are a cost-effective way to create sales leads, build a marketing database, and position your company ahead of the competition.

In his new report, "7 Secrets of Winning Webinars," Webinar guru Bob Hanson reveals the key to putting on a Successful Web seminar. His "Webinar U" is now available on demand, and he is extending a special introductory offer for Direct Response Letter subscribers. To read his free report and for more information on Webinar U, go to:


White Papers

***Educational marketing trumps traditional sales writing***


The findings of the industry's first major study of white paper writers are revealed in a new report titled "2005 White Paper Writer Industry Survey."

More than 500 white paper writers participated in the study, sponsored by

One of the most significant findings was that writers overwhelmingly indicated that white papers should educate.

"The fact that 96% of white paper writers feel that white papers should be educational is profound because the vast majority of white papers are not educational. Instead they are hard sell documents cloaked as white papers," commented Michael Stelzner, author of the study.

A full copy of the survey is available FREE of charge until December 31, 2005 at